Adivasi Girls forced into prostitution

Uncertainty and fear grip Bokajan residents for the last few days following the incident, where four teenaged girls were rescued in New Delhi by local police with the help of Delhi police along with some NGOs, sources said Monday. According to one prominent Bokajan resident, parents of young girls are spending sleepless nights as insecurity and degrading social system are worrying them every moment.


The four girls from Adivasi community were taken to Delhi by certain notorious person, promising them of lucrative jobs and on reaching Delhi they were forced to flesh trade against their will. The girls were later handed over to the Assam police after they were rescued by Delhi police and some NGO's.


One Durga Derai of Naokata vilalge, Bokajan made a formal case against one Gopal Munda of the same village on April 14, charging him of enticing the four girls to leave their native place on the evening of April 6. After which a case against Gopal Munda was registered under section 53/10 U/S 365, IPC, Bokajan Police after some initial search operations went to Delhi to rescue the four naïve girls from the clutch of Gopal Munda. After hectic maneuver, Bokajan police led by its OC, Promod Kr. Das managed to locate Gopal Munda on April 17.


Assam Police with the help of Delhi police along with some NGO's rescued the four girls from different locations of Delhi like Sukurpur, Greater Kailash, Kutub Minar Chowk and Gurgaon.


According to the report, the girls were given jobs in a lesser known organization (Gita placement) to shield their actual identity and their nature of work.


It might be mentioned that in the past, members of different NGOs and Police officials have rescued many such unfortunate women.


Economic hardship is one of the prime causes that often force such unfortunate young girls to take up such profession.